What New Computers!!!!

What New Computers!!!!

Yep, that is correct. Wever CORE – CORE Kids is happy to partner with our friends from GreenByte to have new computers installed at Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre.

Before the renovations at Pinky, there was the well-used computer lab. This lab was possible through the efforts of St Lenard’s Societies GreenByte Program, the Rotary Club of Hamilton and a grant from the Hamilton Community Foundation. The computers used daily by the CORE Kids Program was also available for other community usage. The City provided the space and internet, and CORE Kids (Wever CORE) supplied the computers and upkeep.

Those computers were tired and needed an upgrade, so they were refurbished and given to good homes in our community. Thanks to funding that GreenByte received, we will be having new upgraded computers in the computer lab at Pinky very soon.

The computers will be used for homework, career searching, resumes and communicating. We are so pleased to be able to connect our community!

Thanks to all our partners and friends for making this possible…..stay tuned for the new computers!

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