Core Kids Update - June 2018

Core Kids Update - June 2018

The bell rinds…’s almost summer break! As the end of the school year nears an end, so does the CORE Kids Program year! That is right; no CORE Kids Programs till next September? Well we still have the Rotary Summer Literacy Program in July – 3 weeks of free camp style programing and we will also be helping with the Extreme Park Makeover at Woodlands Park in July.

It has been a challenging year for the CORE Kids Program. We had to make a few program changes and updates to meet the new Ontario regulations for after school programs. We do have great news for September 2018… MORE CHANGES…..but we believe they will be great changes!

We will be offering CORE Kids Programs each and every school day (again much like when the WAVE After School Program was here) at Mission Services Building. We will also be offering specialty programming at the Powell Club House and using the gym at Cathy Wever School. We will also be partnering with Mission Services to have dinner each day after program.

The 2018-19 CORE Kids Program will be outstanding! Free, safe and engaging after school programming is back. Our team is working hard to get the funding, people and programs in place for September.

So enjoy the summer, register for the Rotary Summer Literacy Program, play in the park, get a book from the little library and have fun…it will be back to school soon and that means CORE Kids will be back! Check out our Facebook page for regular updates and news! Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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