(Creating Opportunities in Recreation & Education)

The Wever CORE is focusing the efforts and passion of the community on creating a CORE program based environment in the neighbourhood. By bringing partners, community members, children, youth and families together, we can strive to improve our neighbourhood and equip young people with the tools to succeed and the hope of a bright future.

Children gain valuable life skills that can improve their quality of life and their future prospects. By participating in sports and organized activities, they improve their performance skills while learning to cooperate and function as team members. This develops social skills and improves interpersonal management. It also builds their self-esteem, confidence and contributes to a positive self-image. Leadership skills developed through many of the Wever CORE programs have allowed several past participants to return as employees of the program, sharing their experience and expertise, earning money and gaining valuable work experience. The ability to offer participants employment is an outcome that was never anticipated yet it is possibly the greatest indicator of success in terms of developing pro-social, leadership skills in the youth of this community.


Children’s Opportunities in Recreation & Education


We strive to provide Wever children, youth and families with the foundation and hope for a brighter future by equipping them with the tools to succeed in school, work and life.


The Wever Core focuses on “leveling the playing field” for children, youth and families in our neighbourhood.

We work to mobilize the Hamilton Community assets to reduce barriers to participation and provide equal opportunities and accessibility.


  • Increase accessibility to healthy recreation and social activities for every child, youth and family
  • Focus on action through partnerships and community collaboration
  • Child centre decision making
  • Create shared physical, social and emotional space to promote resilience in children, youth, their families and the entire neighbourhood.